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IPA Mission Statement


Integrative Providers Association (IPA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the societal benefits of Integrative Medicine in the established healthcare, legislative and socioeconomic systems that currently serve the greater population of public health globally, focusing on Discovering- Educating- Uniting- Empowering providers while providing Integrative Wholeness and Inclusion for the betterment of tomorrow.

What does this look like in Action?

IPA Membership

Inclusive of All Licensed Professional Providers and Practitioners, the IPA Discovers, Educates, Unites and Empowers Integrative Wholeness and Inclusion for the Betterment of Tomorrow!

Providers are working more hours just to cover higher premiums and taking home less than before due to out of control inflation, unreliable supply chains and unstable local economies. They are forced to struggle for reimbursements with managed care organizations and their patients. At what point do we say enough is enough?

IPA is taking a stand. We foster positive permanent measurable change by redefining the culture in which providers operate and practice. We strengthen the bonds between the providers and patients and providers and their communities.

There is no better time to join than now.  Join The IPA  and help us redirect healthcare towards integrative wholeness and inclusion for the betterment of all of us!

IPA Membership Has Benefits

Amplifying Immeasurable Potential


Members are immersed, trained and educated in a variety of clinical practicums, advanced wellness and (w)holistic wholeness optimization techniques to maximize mind-body-spirit wellness optimization. nutritional, fitness, plant based and functional medicine, and lifestyle management and more.

Practitioner Focused

Focusing on stabilizing the local practitioner, the clinic model and the community-at-large, IPA drives localized action and encourages an immediate response to the ever growing divide between accessible and affordable healthcare. IPA members an edge on everything from making more money on seeing fewer patients to lowering their costs

Credentialed Education

IPA members and attendees invite a higher level of understanding and a measurable improvement in patient outcomes and care. As a matter of policy, the IPA only produces and presents educational content that has been approved, authorized and/or exempted by an ACCME accreditation body.

Empowering Practices

More providers have left practice since the start of COVID-19 than any other profession, and while med-school admissions are rising, we still have a long way to go to fill that ever-widening gap. IPA is in a unique position given it lobbies on behalf of, and educates, supports and empowers providers and healthcare organizations in amplifying outcomes to scale.

Driving Proficiencies

From online podcasts to video and publications, hosting roundtables to education events and workshops, IPA celebrates and elevates its innovators at every turn. IPA first started engaging members to keep its finger on the pulse of the current state of the healthcare system in order to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement.

Social Engagements

IPA is about discovering, educating, uniting and empowering integrative providers. In the coming years, IPA will be hosting a series of national and regional events such as medical conferences, family focused BBQ "cook-off's" and camp outs, photography contests, fishing and hunting tournaments, cruises and even golf outings and tournaments all for the benefit of IPA members and charitable causes.

Driven By Positive Permanent Measurable Impacts

IPA drives positive change without getting caught up in the normal bureaucracies, and ego-driven mechanisms, raising awareness around viable solutions and those that are driving that positive change.

Members get access to: 

  • 24/7 Access to our online CMU/CEU/CE coursework
  • Membershilp Directory
  • Discounted prices on Conferences and Events
  • Career Development
  • Networking, Community Service
  • National Advocacy

Only licensed healthcare professionals, medical faculty, medical students, select nonprofit organizations and/or select others who qualify as integrative practitioners, may join the IPA as a member. As an organization, the IPA exclusively promotes and serves integrative providers, and their board-approved techniques, practices and disciplines, providing a unified platform for discovery, education, unification and empowerment to support integrative medicine and the betterment of tomorrow.

We are a 501(c)(6) membership based organization dedicated to exclusively serving licensed Integrative Healthcare Providers and other qualified healthcare providers and organizations that subscribe to the IPA’s codes of ethics, conduct and professional standards.


Join Us For Our Upcoming Conference IPAC2023NV


October 6th-8th*, 2023 City Hall of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

*Day 3 practicums are off-site at a clinic under the Teach1Serve10 Organization and their partners, MSOplus and Compassion Center.

This three day conference features ten (10) leading researchers, clinicians and/or practitioners from a variety of disciplines and specialties driving an even larger amount of change and innovation in a variety of hot topics, with over 50 exhibitors ranging from pharmaceuticals to technology and holistic product manufacturers. Days 1 & 2 are a series of live and/or pre-recorded lectures, and Day 3 is a supervised clinical practicum that delivers a reduction in opioid dependency and a reduction in locally absorbed uncompensated care, a true win-win-win for the organization, the providers and the communities at-large.  

A virtual version of the IPAC2023NV conference, Days 1 & 2, will be streamed online in real-time and even recorded for encore presentations and online coursework that is produced in conjunction with IPA.EducationAll real-time live streams will, however, allow questions from the virtual viewing audience via Instagram and Zoom- and speakers will be prompted when the Q&A sessions begin. 

The IPAC Conference Series is endorsed and/or accredited by such entities as the Coalition for Patient Rights (CPR), Community-Based Clinical Cannabis Evaluation & Research Network (CBCCERN), Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) and Compassion Center (CC). All Continuing Medical Education is accredited by the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, Office of Continuing Medical Education, in addition to several other member organizations and partners alike through secondary approvals.

Plus, get an IPA Membership FREE for one year with your ticket purchase!D

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Struggling With Major Breakdowns In Our U.S. Community-Based Health Systems?

Little problems can snowball into big breakdowns that directly impact our local community healthcare systems. That is why The IPA investigate, discover, evaluate and learn from these mistakes to better understand the problems early on in order to find and propose solutions. 

We are looking for the contribution of thought Leaders and Practitioners with viable solutions based on first hand experiences and knowledge obtained through practice.  We are collecting stories from licensed Healthcare Professionals who have first hand experienced with these breakdowns so we can make mindful, positive change.

If your story is selected, you may be invited to an IPA filming session to share your insight on camera for IPA’s advocacy, outreach and legislative action campaigns. 

Be The Voice of Change, Share Your Story with The IPA.

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Our Not-So-Secret Process

To Redirecting Healthcare


IPA is wholly dedicated to advancing more positive change and measurable impact in the established healthcare systems and to do so, the IPA takes a multi-pronged approach to driving, facilitating and implementing programs that lead to direct change.


IPA takes proactive and advanced approaches to learning and isn't afraid to encourage its members to own their most disastrous mistakes and experiences to share with our other providers the do's, don't's and outcomes, so we can all learn a better way, together.


IPA supports a variety of disruptive innovations in continuing education programs and other therapeutic innovations that lead to us to a bigger, brighter, more inclusive and healthier tomorrow, today.

Are You An Expert in Your Specialty? Share Your Knowledge!

IPA is Now Accepting Articles For Publication.

Additionally Peer Reviewed Research, Studies and Advancements in Integrative Medicine, Healthcare, Science and Therapeutic Modalities. Come Be The Change, Share Your Unique Knowledge and Experience with Other Integrative Providers Around the Globe.

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Expert Providers and Countless Positive Outcomes

Integrative Healthcare and Plant-Based/Derived Medicines have been used in practice for more than 5,000 years to balance wellness.

While modern medicine, conventional wisdom and fact-based science drive a significant portion of the current state of healthcare, plant-based or plant-derived medicines and integrative medicines have been widely recognized for thousands of years.  They cover a wide range of specialties in traditional, conventional and alternative modalities. The modern world, requires one to answer to licensing boards and subscribe to a professional standard as they’re adopted and/or recognized by federal and/or state governments. The IPA, as a membership organization and healthcare focused entity, strives to be the change we wish to see in the systems that guide integrative medicine.

IPA Membership Packages are available for the following membership categories, and come with a wide range of benefits specific to the membership level one is subscribed to:

In Case One Needs An Introduction

IPA is a 501(c)(6) Professional Membership Association

IPA is Dedicated to the Discovery, Education, Unification and Empowerment of Integrative Providers and those practicing the noble art of healing and/or enhancing wellness optimization. Get to know IPA today!

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Integrative Providers Association (IPA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the societal benefits of Integrative Medicine in the established healthcare, legislative and socioeconomic systems that currently serve the greater population of public health globally, focusing on Discovering- Educating- Uniting- Empowering providers while providing Integrative Wholeness and Inclusion for the betterment of tomorrow.

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