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The Problem:

Our Healthcare Systems are broken. From care being guided by profit-driven systems to breakdowns in education, transparency and affordable access, our healthcare system is intrinsically broken. ENTER A STATISTIC HERE, any of them will do. However, let’s start off with the average cost of an Emergency Room visit being $1,600.00 USD, and over $745B in uncompensated care being delivered since the year 2000, yet Americans still lack proper access to affordable healthcare on an ongoing primary care basis. 

The Solution:

Integrative Providers Association (IPA) was established to represent ALL LICENSED HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS as we lead towards a more inclusive tomorrow – discovering, educating, uniting and empowering Integrative Providers, and working towards a better tomorrow by fostering the change we all need to see in the system. The IPA lobbies on behalf of, and advocates for integrative providers, their practices and their patients for the betterment of all. 

How Can You Be Part of The Solution? Join the IPA Today! Make Your Voice Heard on “The Hill”, at our IPAC Conferences, Panel Discussions, Online Platforms and Share Your Unique Knowledge to Drive Positive Change!

IPA Mission Statement

Integrative Providers Association (IPA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the societal benefits of Integrative Medicine in the established healthcare, legislative and socioeconomic systems that currently serve the greater population of public health globally, focusing on Discovering- Educating- Uniting- Empowering providers while providing Integrative Wholeness and Inclusion for the betterment of tomorrow.

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Professionals and Patients

Welcome To The IPA's Flagship Site & Membership Directory

Here you can learn about the Integrative Providers Association, the IPA’s Programs and Platforms, and Join, Collaborate and/or Network with IPA Members in a Secure and Private Environment Specifically Dedicated to Nurturing and Empowering the Future of Integrative Healthcare. Inclusive of All Licensed Professional Providers and Practitioners, the IPA Discovers, Educates, Unites and Empowers Integrative Wholeness and Inclusion for the Betterment of Tomorrow!

IPA fosters positive permanent measurable change by redefining the professional culture in which providers operate and practice, professionally, strengthening the bonds between the providers and the patients and the providers and their communities. There are multiple organizations, and even more agencies, that seek to govern one purpose: wellness. Yet, nobody takes command and if one asks each and every professional they know about just how strong the healthcare system is in their community, they will most-likely confirm it is well beyond fractured.  Healthcare is indeed broken, and IPA is taking a stand, before it is too late. 

Providers are working more hours just to cover higher premiums and taking home less than before due to out of control inflation, unreliable supply chains and unstable local economies, all the while having to argue tooth and nail over reimbursements with everyone from the managed care organizations to the patients. At what point do we acknowledge the breakdown? 

Now Is The Time.  Join The IPA in Redirecting Healthcare Towards Integrative Wholeness and Inclusion For the Betterment of Tomorrow!

Driven By Positive Permanent Measurable Impacts

Focusing on creating and driving positive change, IPA zeroes in on the cores of the issues by combining integrative wholeness with other community-based solutions to highlight disruptive innovations and innovators and what measurable impact they’ve demonstrated to provide examples of how we can all improve our struggling healthcare systems, in-situ. Taking a more unified and proactive approach, the IPA drives positive change without getting caught up in the normal bureaucracies, and ego-driven mechanisms, raising awareness around viable solutions and those that are driving that positive change. If a provider knows of better, it is their duty to speak up and educate other providers on their successes, and failures, so we can all grow together. Step up to the plate and share your knowledge with other leading edge providers, today.

However, only licensed healthcare professionals, medical faculty, medical students, select nonprofit organizations and/or select others who qualify as integrative practitioners, may join the IPA as a bonafide member. As an organization, the IPA exclusively promotes and serves integrative providers, and their board-approved techniques, practices and disciplines, providing a unified platform for discovery, education, unification and empowerment to support integrative medicine and the betterment of tomorrow. All are encouraged to explore this website and learn all about the immeasurable benefits and value that integrative healthcare, and its providers, can bring to one’s otherwise categorically complex treatment plan, when properly integrated with conventional and traditional medicine. It all starts with knowledge, and knowing when to engage that knowledge or professional to make a difference in the outcome. 
The IPA, as a 501(c)(6) membership based organization, is dedicated to exclusively serving licensed Integrative Healthcare Providers and other qualified healthcare providers and organizations that subscribe to the IPA’s codes of ethics, conduct and professional standards. IPA members are provided varying levels of access based on their membership levels and patients are encouraged to do their own research, diligence and vetting of both the providers and their practices which also includes the therapeutic protocols that the providers engage to deliver and/or improve one’s quality of life, or care. The IPA encourages all those interested to investigate and learn for themselves all they can in regards to their situation and their providers. Knowledge is power.

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Explore the Benefits of Bundling Admission with an Annual IPA Membership and Save Time and Money while Supporting The Future of Integrative Medicine

Each Membership level has its advantages and new members are encouraged to explore which option best describes their current career pace. While attending IPA conferences and events, attendees are typically immersed in engaging accredited education, practice-based experiences and science-driven conversations, and career workshops curated to empower the integrative provider’s practice and work-life balance, creating memories, inspiring action and preparing providers for the future. New members just want to see what IPA can really do for their career, and as such are encouraged to bundle their membership with an event to save money, and get to know the IPA on an intimate level. Ask questions, get involved. Each member is given the same resources and IPA membership is what you make of it. Additionally, by bundling event admission with membership, first year members:

  • Save Money on any Non-Member Admission Price and IPA Member Admission Price for General Admission to Any IPA-Produced Event, Conference or Workshop. 
  • Bundles Include a Full Annual Membership Package, an IPA Member Directory Profile and Network Access

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IPA Membership Has Benefits

Amplifying Immeasurable Potential


Members are immersed, trained and educated in a variety of clinical practicums, advanced wellness and (w)holistic wholeness optimization techniques to maximize mind-body-spirit wellness optimization. Topics range from easy to complex and include nutritional, fitness, plant based and functional medicine, and lifestyle management, so providers are educated and empowered with the latest innovations that can help them improve the lives and lifestyles of patients under their care. By educating providers on the latest therapeutic and synergistic combinations, providers are able to shepherd their patients towards a more inclusive lifestyle free of limits

Practitioner Focused

Focusing on stabilizing the local practitioner, the clinic model and the community-at-large, IPA drives localized action and encourages an immediate response to the ever growing divide between accessible and affordable healthcare. IPA and its members drive the future of wellness by stepping out of the box and leading by example rather than following one, which gives IPA members an edge on everything from making more money on seeing fewer patients to lowering their costs on malpractice insurance, liability and risk mitigation. When a provider is able to spend more time managing patient care and outcomes, the quality of care can be measured in the savings, quality of life and mobility of the patient.

Credentialed Education

Keeping in step with our mission to Discover, Educate, Unite and Empower Integrative Providers, the IPA goes to great lengths to evaluate and curate accredited education for IPA members and attendees that both invite a higher level of understanding and a measurable improvement in patient outcomes and care. As a matter of policy, the IPA only produces and presents educational content that has been approved, authorized and/or exempted by an ACCME accreditation body. This policy, we feel sets us aside from other organizations that provide "accredited" content driven by branding or business models. As a matter of policy, IPA will not promote continuing medical education that is not curated by the IPA Education Committee.

Empowering Practices

It's clear, IPA members are jumping out of the box, and taking bold action as both employers and employees are jumping on the IPA train. Not for nothing, the IPA has taken some bold steps to realign the system with proven leaders in each qualified health sector to discover-educate-unite-empower integrative providers in hopes of stabilizing local health care systems and healthcare professionals as a whole. More providers have left practice since the start of COVID-19 than any other profession, and while med-school admissions are rising, we still have a long way to go to fill that ever-widening gap. IPA is in a unique position given it lobbies on behalf of, and educates, supports and empowers providers and healthcare organizations in amplifying outcomes to scale.

Driving Proficiencies

IPA has always highlighted the magic behind its members, that's no secret, from sharing their lectures to organizing book signings, the spotlight is always front and center on solutions. From online podcasts to video and publications, IPA drives proficiency by being the change it wishes to see. From hosting roundtable collaborations to education events and workshops, IPA celebrates and elevates its innovators at every turn. However, what many don't know is that IPA first started engaging those members to keep its finger on the pulse of the current state of the healthcare system in order to maintain understandings on what exactly is working in contrast to what exactly isn't working to strengthen our core practitioners and providers.

Social Engagements

IPA is about discovering, educating, uniting and empowering integrative providers. As such, IPA serves a vital role in promoting and amplifying cohesion among the medical community and its members and their families, first and foremost. In the coming years, IPA will be hosting a series of national and regional events such as medical conferences, family focused BBQ "cook-off's" and camp outs, photography contests, fishing and hunting tournaments, cruises and even golf outings and tournaments all for the benefit of IPA members and charitable causes. IPA's recreation director takes a proactive approach to coordinating safe, fun and engaging outings that are family-friendly and festive so as to be inclusive of all members regardless of their interests.

Are You Struggling With Major Breakdowns In Our U.S. Community-Based Health Systems?

Little problems can really add up to big breakdowns, and the bigger the breakdowns, the bigger the problems and impacts are on our local community healthcare systems. Knowing this, its really important for IPA to investigate, discover, evaluate and learn from these mistakes to better understand the problems early on in order to find and propose solutions. 

As such, the IPA is collecting stories from licensed Healthcare Professionals in the field who have experienced breakdowns first-hand In hopes that we, as future healthcare leaders, can learn from our past mistakes and influence Future Thought Leaders and Practitioners with viable solutions based on first hand experiences and knowledge obtained through practice.  

Be the voice and share your insight and possible solutions. If your story is selected, you may be invited to an IPA filming session to share your insight on camera for IPA’s advocacy, outreach and legislative action campaigns. 

Be The Voice of Change, Share Your Story with The IPA.

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Our Not-So-Secret Process

To Redirecting Healthcare


IPA is wholly dedicated to advancing more positive change and measurable impact in the established healthcare systems and to do so, the IPA takes a multi-pronged approach to driving, facilitating and implementing programs that lead to direct change. This proprietary approach includes, but is not limited to lobbying, focus group discussions, program implementation and ongoing evaluation to ensure a complete understanding of the successes and failures.


IPA takes proactive and advanced approaches to learning and isn't afraid to encourage its members to own their most disastrous mistakes and experiences to share with our other providers the do's, don't's and outcomes, so we can all learn a better way, together. One's ability to make, and learn from, their mistakes is what makes them human, but to lose the ability to share what we learn from those mistakes would be wrong if not catastrophic. The future depends on integrative medicine, now.


Focusing on the future of wellness while sharpening the pencil that institutes the policies, IPA supports a variety of disruptive innovations in continuing education programs and other therapeutic innovations that lead to us to a bigger, brighter, more inclusive and healthier tomorrow, today. The IPA leads by example and always shepherds its core members towards a future based first-and-foremost on integrative wholeness and inclusion for the betterment of tomorrow.

Are You An Expert in Your Specialty? Share Your Knowledge!

IPA is Now Accepting Articles For Publication, In Addition to Peer Reviewed Research, Studies and Advancements in Integrative Medicine, Healthcare, Science and Therapeutic Modalities. Come Be The Change, Share Your Unique Knowledge and Experience with Other Integrative Providers Around the Globe.

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Expert Providers and Countless Positive Outcomes

Integrative Healthcare and Plant-Based/Derived Medicines have been used in practice for more than 5,000 years. Both balance wellness when they're properly managed.

While modern medicine, conventional wisdom and fact-based science drive a significant portion of the current state of healthcare,  plant-based and plant-derived medicines and integrative medicines have been widely recognized for thousands of years and cover a wide range of specialties in traditional, conventional and alternative modalities that all require one to answer to licensing boards and subscribe to a professional standard as they’re adopted and/or recognized by federal and/or state governments. The IPA, as a membership organization and healthcare focused entity, strives to be the change we wish to see in the systems that guide integrative medicine.

IPA Membership Packages are available for the following membership categories, and come with a wide range of benefits specific to the membership level one is subscribed to:

In Case One Needs An Introduction

IPA is a 501(c)(6) Professional Membership Association

IPA is Dedicated to the Discovery, Education, Unification and Empowerment of Integrative Providers and those practicing the noble art of healing and/or enhancing wellness optimization. Get to know IPA today!

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Integrative Providers Association (IPA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the societal benefits of Integrative Medicine in the established healthcare, legislative and socioeconomic systems that currently serve the greater population of public health globally, focusing on Discovering- Educating- Uniting- Empowering providers while providing Integrative Wholeness and Inclusion for the betterment of tomorrow.

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