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Why Choose the IPA for Continuing Medical Education?

Simply Put:  Curriculum Integrity.  All too many times, organizations will produce and present “educational content” that is tainted by either commercial interests, conflicts of personal interest and/or misleading inferences, or all of the above. The IPA recognizes the need for accountability, transparency and integrity among all that we do as integrative healthcare providers,  we just so happen to emphasize and express those characteristics moreso throughout the education, outreach and community service programs that we foster. 

Don’t just take our word for it, come to one of our events and learn why the IPA is the fastest growing organization and platform for unbiased continuing (medical) education, and strengthen your practice today. IPA.Education, and a majority of IPAC Conferences, are managed by the Integrative Providers Association Education Committee (IPA-EC) as a matter of policy. Get to know the IPA-EC today!

Welcome to the IPA Education Committee (IPA-EC) Webpage

Through the Integrative Providers Association Education Committee (IPA-EC), and the IPA provides joint-accredited continuing (medical) education to its membership, and other attending healthcare professionals, through both online and in-person channels, including a series of clinical practicums geared towards community service. 

As a matter of policy, only educational content approved by the  IPA Education Committee will be provided to IPA members and attendees of IPA educational events and online LMS courses. 

Welcome to the IPA-EC’s homepage. This page is managed by the IPA-EC and is where you can learn about how the IPA curates, produces and educates our members, and other licensed healthcare professionals, with the latest in jointly-accredited continuing medical education (CME) and continuing education (CE). The IPA-EC and IPA-CEC are here to educate Integrative Providers! Please select from the options below, the route of learning that best suits you and let’s discover, educate, unite and empower the future of healthcare, together. 

Online Education Options takes you to IPA.Education, the IPA’s exclusive Learning Management System (LMS) and the various courses that are currently being offered by the IPA through its online channel in order to track and trace credentialing for those who are attending for continuing medical education, continuing education and/or licensing compliance. IPA.Education provides professionally produced video content, curated resources, study materials and convenient formats to stimulate learning.

In-Person Education Options takes you to the IPA Events Calendar where all IPA Conferences (IPACs), IPA Workshops and Clinical Practicums are booked, tracked and archived in order to track and trace credentialing for those who are attending for continuing medical education, continuing education and/or licensing compliance.  IPA Conferences and Events provide members and other healthcare providers the ability to engage in hybrid learning, combining both virtual and in-person content to comply with mandatory, evolving and living courses regarding continuing medical education.

The IPA-EC Provides Legendary Lectures as Accredited Education

The Integrative Providers Association’s Education Committee (IPA-EC) and Conference and Events Committee (IPA-CEC) are widely known for producing engaging and enduring content, in addition to collaborating on the most impactful ways to step out of the box and disruptively educate Integrative Providers on what matters most, especially when considering long-term retention and application. 

Legendary Lectures Are Recorded On IPA Stages

Keeping in step with that tradition, the IPA Education Directors take great pride in curating lectures, courses and content that truly engages and empowers our membership, without yielding to branding and commercial influence, falling in total alignment with our mission to Discover, Educate, Unite and Empower the future of healthcare for the betterment of tomorrow. 

IPA courses are curated to preserve knowledge, engage attendees and easily be recalled in practice. As such, all of the IPA’s courses, lectures and educational content is produced for multi-channel distribution, credentialing and verification so medical boards, schools, organizations and employers can stay up to date on mandatory, elective and supplemental continuing (medical) education. Unless deemed necessary for health, accessibility and/or other reasons for exemption, the entirety of the testing and evaluation process is completed online in order to maintain accountability, transparency and accuracy of transcripts. 

Please select from the educational options above, the method of learning that best suits you, and let’s start learning together. To learn more about the IPA-EC, or if you just want to contact the IPA-EC directly, please scroll down and continue reading to the bottom of the page. There you will find the necessary forms and contact resources available to resolve your need.I

The IPA-EC Only Partners with Leaders in Accredited Education

The content on this page, and ipa.education, respectively, is managed exclusively by the IPA-EC, its education director(s) and staff members, without any sort of outside influence beyond the typical trends and indicators that drive the emerging needs to address emerging trends, pandemics and/or other healthcare disparities. The IPA-EC is directly under the oversight and direction of the IPA Board of Trustees (“BoT”) and works directly with the various board committees, directors and membership delegates to meet and address the ever evolving education challenges of today’s healthcare space. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or complaints as to anything education related, the IPA-EC is the committee that you want to engage with in order to address or resolve those concerns. Regardless if you are a member of the IPA, an IPA member delegate or the Chairwoman of The Board, or even a non-member attendee, the rules are the rules and the policies and procedures are universal to ensure social equity, balance and fairness in the delivery of program and the execution of our duties throughout. 

We are obliged to deliver educational contact free of branding and commercial influence, and to provide that content in the most accessible formats in order to meet the ever evolving challenges to continuing education.

For the IPA-EC to accredit a course, lecture or practicum, the content must be inclusive and empowering, and touch on a relative subject matter. 

Want to Be Part of the Change?

The IPA is always looking for disruptive innovators in healthcare, science and mind-body-spirit wellness so as to provide our members with a broad range of exposure to content that can potentially improve the lives of their patients or strengthen their practice. 

If you wish to present your lecture or course to the IPA, please apply by clicking here or click on the big blue button in the middle of the page below. 

If your business is interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at an IPA event, please contact us here or click the big blue button on the bottom of the page and someone will get right back to you.

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